Outreach Programs


At Greensboro Tennis, we want everyone to have the chance to play tennis. That’s why we are bringing it to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to play. Our goal is to expand our outreach programs to all of the recreation centers in Greensboro. Right now, we are partnering with Lewis Recreation Center and with the Trotter Center and teaching kids in their programs the game of tennis. We are finding that the kids are having fun, being active, and learning a game for life. Some of the kids are showing a love for the game and a desire to play more. For these kids, we want to make sure they have access to the game they love. Please consider giving to our outreach project so we can make sure everyone has a chance to play!

Thanks to all of your help we have recently had the opportunity to expand our outreach program! We are working with a group of Burmese refugees living in Greensboro. We began working with them every Saturday at Dudley High School in the fall. Now that winter has hit we started a weekly after school/tennis program for the kids. We pick them up each Wednesday afternoon and bring them to Barber Park for homework help, food, and some tennis! 

In order to expand our outreach program, we need a way to get the kids to the courts! We are currently seeking funding for vans to transport kids to tennis courts and back to the recreation centers. If you can help with our transportation project, we would be grateful!